Free Online Weather Course for K-12 Teachers

The American Meteorological Society is again offering a free online weather course, “DataStreme Atmosphere,” beginning in January 2010.  The course offers teachers free educational materials and access to the semester course.
Visit here for complete information about how to apply, what materials are supplied, what the program expects from participants, how to contact your state’s LIT Leader.
Participants must be teaching professionals at the precollege level who live in an area served by a Local Implementation Team (LIT).
locate an LIT Leader

Living in the Weather – Resources for Teachers

NOAA’s Ocean Service Education website offers new Living in the Weather resources for teachers.  These materials explain how meteorologists observe and predict the weather. To understand weather and climate, one needs to understand the atmospheric and oceanic conditions and the interrelatedness of weather and climate. The resources will help teacher engage their students in the exploration and prediction of atmospheric conditions responsible for weather patterns and climatic conditions, and investigate how extreme weather impacts people and the environment.