World Ocean Radio

World Ocean radio is a weekly series of five minute audio essays on a wide range of ocean issues. Available for RSS feed, podcast, and syndicated use at no cost by community radio stations worldwide.

New Podcast featuring Red Mangroves

Follow researchers Candy Feller and Dennis Whigham as they scramble, climb, crawl, and creep through the tangled roots of a mangrove forest. Along the way, learn what’s threatening these unique ecosystems where the ocean meets the land. Studying these flooded forests is a challenge, but pursuing science in this strange landscape has its own rewards. Listen to the Mangroves podcast, meet the featured scientists, learn about organisms that live in the mangroves and find relevant educational resources at the Encyclopedia of Life Learning + Education website

The Podcast of Life: Podcastium vitae is brought to you by the Encyclopedia of Life, hosted by Ari Daniel Shapiro and produced by Atlantic Public Media

EOL Podcast of Life: Tube Worms

Host Ari Daniel Shapiro dives deep to discover a white worm as tall as your refrigerator that breathes through bright red feathery “lips.” This isn’t a creature from outer space. Meet Riftia, a tube worm that lives in deep-sea vents, and learn the surprising lessons this denizen of the abyss is teaching scientists about life on Earth. Listen to the podcast, meet the featured scientist and find related educational activities at the Encyclopedia of Life Learning + Education website.

Visit the Encyclopedia of Life to learn more about Riftia pachyptila.

Dinoflagellates Podcast from the Encyclopedia of Life

Ari Daniel Shapiro is joined for this episode of The Podcast of Life by science contributor Josh Kurz, who tells the story of dinoflagellates through “music from the bottom of the food chain.” There are “billions of these microscopic creatures in every bucket of the salty sea,” Kurz reveals. Learn which dinoflagellate has a special glow, and which one is responsible for killing more people every year than sharks. Listen to the Dinoflagellates podcast.

Giant Squid Podcast

Got 5 minutes? Listen to the Podcast of Life!

How do you get two dead Giant Squid the size of a school bus from a fishing boat in Spain to a museum in Washington, DC, USA? Call in the Navy! Listen to the latest podcast episode from the Encyclopedia of Life to find out how Operation Calamari unfolded and how the museum managed to put their new Giant Squid on display.

Listen to all of the podcasts, find intriguing extras, meet the featured scientists and find relevant educational materials at the Encyclopedia of Life Learning +Education website.

Podcast Challenges for Students

Got to our Giant Squid podcast “extras” page and listen to students describing what one of our upcoming species looks like. While you are listening, use their descriptions to draw pictures of what you’re imagining. Once you are finished, send us your picture by email or in the mail.Got to our Giant Squid podcast “extras” page and listen to students describing what one of our upcoming species looks like. While you are listening, use their descriptions to draw pictures of what you’re imagining. Once you are finished, send us your picture by email or in the mail.We will share the best contributions when we air the next podcast episode.

EOL Podcast

The Encyclopedia of Life’s latest podcast features polar bears, including interviews with scientists Heather Craig and Dr. Steve Amstrup. Listen to the podcast on the Encyclopedia of Life Learning+Education website where you will also find images of research in the Arctic, a “Meet the Scientist” feature page and relevant educational materials.

Online Resource – Podcast of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life’s Education and Learning Group announces a new biweekly podcast, the Podcast of Life, Podcastium vitae. Beginning with a cache of 13 episodes and hosted by Ari Daniel Shapiro, the first in the series features the North Atlantic Right Whale. In addition to links to classroom resources, each episode offers ways for students to call in or record online to add their voices and ideas to the Podcast of Life.

Ocean Carbon Coordination Project – New Podcast from Ocean Gazing

We’re letting loose tons — literally — of carbon dioxide into our skies each day. And a good amount of that CO2 is finding its way into the ocean. Scientists from all over the world are rolling up their sleeves to try to avoid a global disaster by joining the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project.  Find out what they are up to in this podcast from Ocean Gazing.

Podcast – Ocean Circulation in Prince William Sound

The latest edition of the Ocean Gazing podcasts contains recordings from a research cruise to Prince William Sound, Alaska, as scientists try to make really accurate forecasts of the weather and ocean circulation. Leslie Abramson from the Prince William Sound Science Center made these audio recordings. Hear the science in action.

Podcasts from Thank You Ocean

In the most recent podcast in the series Thank You Ocean Report, Dirk Rosen, founder and president of Marine Applied Research and Exploration (MARE),  talks about how, in our need for more information about the health of marine ecosystems, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are becoming important new allies as they help scientists ‘see’ beneath the surface of the ocean. Listen to the podcast