Oil Spill Rescue Efforts Blogs

In the months since the Deepwater Horizon well began spewing crude oil, several New England Aquarium teams have flown to the Gulf to offer support. Follow the Rescue Blog for reports on their efforts to suds off sea turtles and first-hand impressions of the oil barriers protecting shorelines.

Oil Spill Blog from NMEA

In response to the numerous postings sent to Scuttlebutt regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil platform explosion and subsequent catastrophic oil spill, the Bridge, NMEA and Sea Grant have set up a blog to allow more in-depth discussion of the topic. The postings sent to Scuttlebutt have been posted on the blog instead of being distributed to the list. This will allow readers to see all the posts in one place, post comments, and refer back to the archived discussion.    We encourage you to use this blog to share ideas as well as informational resources helpful in teaching about this. To access the blog, go to the following site and select the Oil Spill page:


New England Aquarium Blogs

This year the Aquarium’s talented researchers and explorers are spreading out across the blue planet and reporting their adventures back to you. Check out these Global Explorers Blogs.