High School Marine Biology Course – Resources and Request for Input

COSEE-West has developed a comprehensive Marine Biology course for Grades 9-12.  The course focuses on marine life and includes lesson plans, labs, activities, games, and web interactives/web quests. The course matrix links every California Biology Standard to multiple marine Biology activities.  We hope this will show how easy it can be to pull out activities – or to propose a change in courses to administrators by showing how all the activities are directly aligned. Although the course is written to teach all required California Biology standards, it can be adapted by teachers outside California. All of the materials on the website are available for free. Access the course, resources and information

The course is in development and your input would be appreciated.

How you can help:
• Submit your favorite lesson plans, labs, resources, etc.
If you are a California teacher, tell us which CA Biology standards they support.
We promise to credit you for any of your resources that we post on the COSEE-West website (only with your prior permission!).

• Help align the existing and incoming materials with the Ocean Literacy Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts (OLEPFC).
(For more information about Ocean Literacy, visit this website
You can download a PDF brochure about the OLEPFC here

• If you are a scientist who has data or biological information that we can use to create new lesson plans or incorporate into existing ones, please let us know.

We would much appreciate feedback if you use any of these materials!  We’d like to know, for example, if you use them to integrate marine science into an existing course or create a new marine course.  Any other information, such as who supports your efforts (e.g., other teachers, administrators), would be useful to us.  We also, of course, need to know about any errors that must be fixed.

Send your input to
Gwen Noda
Co-Director, COSEE-West, UCLA

email: gwennoda@ucla.edu
phone: 310-206-8247
fax: 310-206-3987

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