Teacher’s Aquarium Guide Grades K-6

Ocean Animal Aquarium: Collection of Intertidal Organisms: Mini-Marine Ecosystem, Teachers’ Guide: Lessons and Activities
Prepared by Becky Lash, researcher at the Marine Biological Laboratory and COSEE-New England program participant.

This 15-page teachers’ guide for using a classroom aquarium is intended to help you with the answers to these questions:
What can you do with an ocean animal aquarium in your classroom?
How can you involve the students in its set-up and maintenance?
How can you keep the students’ interest level high and continue to have the aquarium be a focal point of activities, rather than neglected once the initial novelty wears off?
And… How can you use the aquarium to teach across curriculum areas?

At the end are  suggestions for activities and ways to integrate the aquarium into daily classroom activities.  You can pick and choose from the activities and suggestions in this guide. Use what works for you and your class. You are sure to come up with your own ideas.

Download the guide in PDF