Harmful Algal Blooms Research Podcast

Listen to scientists Barb and Gary Kirkpatrick talk about their work on understanding and containing Harmful Algal Blooms, in the latest Ocean Gazing podcast.  Listen Read about Ocean Gazing podcasts

Job Openings at Seacoast Science Center

Seacoast Science Center in Rye, New Hampshire has two part-time job openings:  Volunteer Coordinator and School Program Registrar/Outreach Coordinator. For details contact Education Director Perrin Chick <p.chick@seacentr.org>

Online Survey About Live Animals and Plants in the Classroom

USC Sea Grant is conducting a large, nation-wide NOAA-funded research project aimed at preventing the spread of invasive species. The survey will close on July 1st.  This is a nation-wide project, so input from teachers in every state, from kindergarten to university level, is needed. By sharing your knowledge you will help develop appropriate tools that maintain the use of live organisms in the classroom while also helping to prevent the spread of potentially invasive species. Fill out the survey

Seaglider Monitors Climate-Related Ocean Circulation In The Arctic

An intelligent, ocean-going glider has spent six months on a record-breaking deployment to sample the icy waters off western Greenland. The samples will contribute to the longest continuous measurement of Arctic currents that help to drive ocean circulation and regulate global seawater temperatures. More