Hurricane Resources for the Classroom

June 1 is the start of the hurricane season.  Annenberg Media offers resources that can help you learn and teach about hurricanes.  The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science, Unit 2 describes hurricanes in Section 7 of the online textbook.  In an interview with MIT Professor Kerry Emanuelhe explains what a hurricane is and how it forms.  The weather interactiv helps you to understand the forces that influence weather, hurricanes, and other powerful storms.  Dr. Emanuel explains what computer models and an energy systems approach can reveal about the behavior of hurricanes in Science in Focus: Energy, Workshop 6, “Energy and Systems,” and his MIT home page has additional information on hurricanes, tracking models, and various resources related to cyclonic storms.

Resources about Surface Ocean Currents for the Upper Elementary Classroom

Ducks in the Flow: Resources about Surface Ocean Currents for the Upper Elementary Classroom, intended for grades 3-5, includes a storybook and three classroom activities.  In the storybook, the three kids work collaboratively to explore and investigate surface currents found in the ocean and the Great Lakes while learning about the journey of a seafaring plastic duck.  Three hands-on activities for the classroom further explore the science content and provide instruction in basic science process skills.  Ducks in the Flow